Maintenance Days

Bike Kaipātiki have a selection of trained community bike mechanics who volunteer their time to support our Pop-up Bike Hub programme.

Popping up in parks as well as joining community activities you can bring your bike into a pop-up bike hub in Kaipātiki for a safety check and a service. We can swap out brake pads for V-Brakes and basic caliper brakes, change cables, lubricate the bike, tune gears, adjust brakes and more.

We are not affiliated with any bike shop thus we don't do specialist repairs though we can offer advice on what may be required and where you can go to get the work done.

In addition to our own calendar of events found through our Bike Kaipātiki Facebook group we join community events and can often be found at community repair days and Repair Cafes. If you have an event you think Bike Kaipātiki can help with please fill in the form below and someone will be in touch.